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Donald Trump the man of the hour in the world and well why not being a republican candidate that might as well be the US President does make you qualified enough to be the important. As we know holding such a position will have effects on the whole world, the paramount importance of the decisions made by USA has its diverse effects worldwide which is a well known fact.

Various websites and shows have shown us the impossibility of what Trump wants to do. John Oliver has actually taken on Trump in two different episodes and Jimmy Kennell and Fallon are not far behind. PolitiFact survey shows that Trump has only said factually correct statements 3% of times. But keeping that entire debate aside let us for one assume he does do what he wants and intends with the nation. Trump is leading the Republican race and it is likely he may end up to the President, so let us take him in all seriousness and not just for trolling.

On May 11th the Hindu Sena in Delhi held a ‘Havan’ for Trump and that got me thinking the effect of Trump winning on our nation.

A Harvard survey says India will grow by 7% through 2024 making it the fastest growing economy, not a country to ignore for sure.

Trump has acknowledged India and feels it is not talked about much.


  • Neighbouring Nations 
    • China
    • India geographically is situated at an area where it faces risk from two borders i.e. Indo-China and Indo-Pak. China ceases to enter more and more into our territory and with their increasing ties with Nepal it has become a big threat to put it simply Hindu-Chini are not ‘bhai bhai’ anymore.
    • Donald Trump has a strong view on China and feels the Communist Nation has taken advantage of America, well it was Bill Clinton that got them into the WTO but due to their cheap labour they have stolen majority manufacturing from America along with the currency manipulation done by the Government there. 
    • Trump seeks to check them with negotiations and taxation but check one emerging superpower trump will surely seek the help of another. This currency war is sure to strengthen the relation with India but on the other hand Any US showdown with China, whether over trade or military tensions in the South China Sea, is bad news for India. It would destabilise the Indo-Asia Pacific region. 
    • Pakistan
    • Trump has been spoken against the muslim world in all of his rallies and speeches implying worsening relations of America with all the Muslim countries including Pakistan. A disturbed relation with Pakistan self-implies better ties with India.
    • In the past US has intervened to save Pakistan in its affairs in the UN and with Trump that seeks to change, he feels Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world.
    • Trump has also publically admitted to the fact that he sees India as a potential check to Pakistan in the future whereas Hilary Clinton in her tenure in the last government has been sympathetic towards Pakistan and has made a lot of visits.


  • H1B Visa Programme

When Trump talks about contraction of H1B visas that leaves aspiring Indians that wish to work in the US at a disadvantaged point but that implies all that talent coming back to India and leading to a lesser amount of brain drain.

Every analysis showing that Americans are not appreciable of STEM jobs refusing visas to work if Trump wins would severely affect their economy.

In the history of American Bi-polar party system India has always had a better equation with the Republican candidates only Barack Obama being an exception.

Ronald Reagan played an important part in re-building relations with India and even George W. Bush further strengthened it when we signed the Civil-Nuclear Deal. Senator John McCain has also promised a strong partnership with India on energy, trade and defence.

With such a strong partnership that will be built India would receive a lot of support in its ambition of permanent UNSC seat and rising importance in the UNO.

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Written By Gaurav Puri

Scindia School (2013) St. Xavier's College(2016) Working at: Juris Consult (Legal Research Intern) Marketing Head: Young Bhartiya

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