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Reality is just a figment of our imagination and so is everything we live in. One figment being stronger than the other and offers more reasons to believe in it. We have been living in a trap of this imaginative world and haven’t realized the consequence of our actions.
Social media that gives us an illusion of talking to another individual situated in another part of the city or country or even the world is just another part of this reality that we think we live in. However in recent time social media has covered more of this trap that reality did and is gulping it down with every click on that computer that we are very happy with.
With every drag of the pointer we are drifting away from this reality and falling into another trap of social media. It’s a trap within a trap and getting out of it will get harder and harder with every single click.
The very fact that we think we can poke a person on the internet and believe that it will have the same emotional attachment as a physical touch can tell us the degree of our burial in the ‘trap’ of social media. With people expressing love over the robotic language and feeling a sense of joy over an electronic hug makes me shiver because I am a part of this trap and I am as deep as everyone else in it, maybe deeper.
This distance from reality seems very pleasing right now. Having everything in hand and looking at the entire world through your bedroom window seems fascinating as well. But when I think of how we came in this world from the eyes of technology, I can only think of one term, ‘artificial intelligence’ and that we are the artificial intelligence that our ancestors created and we now think of them as God. We are on the verge of making another batch of artificial intelligence. Where will we be then? We will vanish and be known as god for them, maybe not looking at the values we breed today.
But where does reality stand here? Nowhere. Because it was already engulfed by the media when we were sending our <3 through the internet

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Written By Meenal Kaushik

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