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As I write this it has been a week that I got home from my 2 days surprise trip to Ratnagiri. It feels like I had just returned from Jurassic world to modern world. Konkan is really amazing place to visit. I had never seen such a dense vegetation befor. I had assured myself that this post must stand apart from the regular travel post. Like my previous trip, this also happened all of sudden; no prior planning, no preparation nothing planned but does it really matter ? what i mean is that me and some college friends were planning “Ganpati Pule” trip more than a year long period but our wish does not fulfilled.Why ? After i came back i got a chance to read one of friends blogpost about “Relationship and Marriage” and i got my answer.

I had started thinking that “ How do my romantic partner would think, if i woke up and decided to move somewhere, or go backpacking for mountain hiking ? Yes.. She probably won't be happy if i did not include her in that decision. This could happen often because of my dynamic and surprising nature. Being single gives me that freedom to take such abrupt decision without hesitation.

Traveling wildly is one of my favorite hobby not just because i love different places it is because different destinations opens new ventures for yourself. I mean who could afford to lose experiencing rich natural beauty like Konkan. I got the chance, i hit the road and fulfilled my one small wish at a time. Traveling is not just about wandering around, you get to learn different geographics, landscape, culture, food and lifestyle. With my short trip i got chance to visit some historical places like “Birthplace of Lokmanya Tilak” and “Ratnadurga Fort” and pilgrim’s favorite destination “Ganpati Pule” apart from visiting places i found local food specialities “Kakani Food” while talking with auto driver i had a glimpse of youth lifestyle and their current situation regarding employment status and development.

What else you can do being single and traveling alone or with your buddy. I can tell you there is lot more fun. Read somewhere that explorer from ancient world were fascinated by foreign beauty. Yes this is our basic instinct. Single and at foreign land, you can gamble your chances everywhere you can flirt at your own time and mood. This flirting should be innocent in nature otherwise it could lead to an awkward situation and be aware, if you ends up developing feelings for somebody you could be in trouble. But this flirting helps me a lot, i mean i definitely got benefited from it  either i got a friend at foreign state or i had fun for that moments. And what is the best thing about it, i didn't get judged for my such fun activities. I love spending time on me and my self improvement.

Being single gives me this advantage too, i can work on myself. I can concentrate on improving my mind and body and for this i can have plenty of time. I always wonder how much time the typical couple spends on their phones ? A lot of people get anxious without constant communication, so those messages  and  phone calls might add up to a loss of several hours a day. Those are very lucky who finds more independent and understanding partner, but finding such creature could be a miraculous thing. Such miracles not happens often, hence i would rather invest all this my time in a more productive fashion.

I am man of my words, i valued my words lot do you ? let's see “We will stay in touch” “I will definitely come”  this familiar words, how many of you can can kept this words. Surely those are married, engaged, in relationship friends cant kept their promises.This is not big surprise, since these major decisions require the sacrifice  of free time and personal freedom. It's hard to find time to do much when you are in some relationship. Till now i am very lucky to say this “just give me a call and i will be there”

You might be thinking that i am a misogamist or just hates being in relationship. I am not against of marriage, relationship or love. It is just a matter of choices. If you aren't ready ready for any commitment yet then singlehood might be a good choice for you. I am single by my choice and i am enjoying it although i really miss cuddling once in awhile. Absence of physical touch can drive anybody crazy. Love is a chaotic force that can be beautiful and destructive. Passionate feelings cannot and should not be silenced. I had experienced both the beautiful feeling and emotionally devastating state of mind. Which gives me insight, never let a person become the single subject of your thoughts and never stop loving your life more than anything because some relationship destined for eternal success.

Who knows, if you are lucky enough and it is your time, you will get what you deserve but getting a desired partner not ends up in happy ending. Just like a flower wither if you don't water it, a relationship will suffer without proper care and attention. Real happy life start from here, how you cultivate your engaged life.

Till then enjoy your life and just remember


“Single is no longer a lack of options – but a choice. A choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status but to live every day Happily and let your Ever After work itself out.”

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Written By Vijay Pradhan

I am a Physical Chemist by Qualification. Learner,Observer,Thinker and off course Adventure junkie by Nature. Reader, Wanderer, Science and food Lover.

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