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If what started off in the minds most analysts, liberals and minorities as humor was to turn into reality, one thing is guaranteed, (much like his campaigns) unflinching, unapologetic entertainment value. It may sound to the ears of the common man as something an actor or comedian would be associated with, which the Hollywood walk of fame claims trump already is, but as the president of the most powerful country in the world what would Donald J. Trump offer?

The most controversial part of his campaign has been his views on immigration. He wants Mexicans (drug traffickers and rapists) to pay for the creation of a ‘great wall’ at the US-Mexican border to stop them from immigrating and has asked for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States. Although plans for the creation of this so called ‘8th wonder of the world’ might not pass in the first 6 months, the US through his executive orders however, might just deport 11 million Hispanics and burn all bridges with its allies in the Middle-East, most notably Saudi Arabia leading to catastrophic effects through loss of a labor class that is driving the Capitalist economy and create massive funding and recruitment for ISIS and its anti-western propaganda through the oil rich Sunni states. So one could possibly assume a first ISIS terror attack on US soil would be imminent. Also, one must save special consideration for all minority communities residing in the US thereafter, as just his Islamophobic campaign has caused 63 incidents of vandalism in mosques.

The poster boy of ISIS’s solution to terrorism is to ‘bomb the hell out of them’. Which would mean that Syria and parts of Iraq could soon be a fading memory as Donald wishes to fight terrorism with terrorism, making George Bush look like a portrait of humanity. The most revolutionary aspect however could be a US-Russia alliance, as he has openly backed Putin in Syria. The two fabled adversaries could soon be co-conspirators as an outcome of their parallel leadership. Nuclear solutions towards world issues could also mean that nuclear confrontations with volatile countries such as North Korea would be inevitable, leaving the possible remote control for the destruction of humanity in the hands a ‘mad’ man.

The Climate could also be one headed for the guillotine as Donald thinks Global Warming is a Hoax and is destined to move towards excessive manufacturing at its cost. His economic policy wants to remove 75 million Americans from the tax bracket and effectively offset it be heavily taxing foreign imports kicking off a global trade war and a $34 trillion dollar debt on the economy, leaving underemployed Americans to live to regret their political rebellion. Freedom of speech would be a thing of the past, replaced by the true dictatorial valuables of political correctness.

Essentially Donald Trump is the product of the same populous that Bernie sanders is, just at the other end of the spectrum. People no longer believe in politicians. However if this ‘comical fascist’ was to become president, America would become the laughing stock of the world community, lose most of its allies, trade ties and ideological dominance, leaving the world in a true spin of multi-polarity. Make no mistake; that David can ‘trump’ the Goliath that is America, in just 6 months!

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Written By Ameya Singh

Founder Young Bhartiya

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