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Like every other Women’s day, this year also we strive to create a world where:

We are happy to be born a female.
We are brought up as our brothers are, without having to do all the housework alone.
We choose whether to marry or not, and whom to marry at what age.
We continue to build our career after marriage and childbirth.
We shatter the glass ceilings that do not allow us equal pay or positions.
We are known for our individual efforts and achievements than merely in relation to men.

We can walk on the road, head held high, at any time of the day or night.
We feel safe in our house, locality, street, school, college, or workplace.
We dress, walk, talk, and laugh in the way we want, without fearing molestation or rape.
We say ‘no’ and it is understood for what it is – a refusal.
We are respected as equal human beings, whether we are Dalit, tribal, black, Muslim, Hispanic, or anything else.
We exercise our rights and have complete agency over our decisions and actions.
We live our life on our own terms, defying every patriarchal norm and stereotype.
We are free to think, err, learn, and be.

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Written By Aishwarya Bhuta

Thinker, writer and poetess who wants to change the world with her pen.

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