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It’s the end of the most bitter, divisive campaign in the history of the United States. Never has anyone seen a campaign of this nature where disrespectful speeches and unpolitical language has been used so rampantly. On the 9th day of November America saw a new president-elect in Donald Trump and social media couldn’t handle the news and how would they, a man that has made offensive remarks in one way or another in every speech he has delivered, a man with no political office experience pitched up against someone who has been working for the government for over 30 years and he won not only Republican states but took many swing states to his favour along with the traditional democratic states which just shows how wrong all the ‘pandits’.

After being elected Trump till date has said all the right things. Soon after being elected he spoke about how we owe gratitude to Hilary for what she has done the country and no derogatory remarks and its funny how there is no talk of getting her arrested. He asked the people against him to show unity and come together. Hilary has been nothing but humble in conceding the election. Obama has shown grace at the White House for the smooth transition of power. At the White House there was a total show of professionalism and respect between the President and President elect.

Further some major developments also took place post his election, as soon as he was elected the ban on Muslims was removed from his website, in his speech he emphasised that he will be a President for everyone in America. The markets have been volatile but Asian markets are on a rise. And well Trump has no incident from 9/11 to 12/11 that is three days which anyone following this election would know is quite surprising.

Protests have erupted in many parts of the country soon after and majorly have been peaceful barring a few exceptions. Yes, people are scared and they should be but DONALD TRUMP IS THE 45th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! And the sooner this reality is accepted the better. To be fair protests would have been there even if Hilary won by the Republican supporters or some who just support Trump. Trump has won by fair means, unlike George W. Bush who had controversially defeated Al Gore and there was considerable doubt on the fairness of his election, still he completed his two terms. What needs to happen in my view is take it day by day even Ronald Reagan was Hollywood actor turn Politician but what is common in all these is the process by which they came into power i.e. via a democracy and that needs to respected, the decision of the electoral college needs to be respected as it is the law of the land just as the right to protest is.

The expressions of Donald Trump post victory for anyone reassured that he did not expect to win and since he has his conduct has been much better than the Trump we saw campaigning. Given the responsibility we may see a changed man. In the same breath I feel Trump should give out a statement to his supporters that he is a President for all races and religions and to stop this racial hate and put efforts to unify the nation and do it now.

We have to also realise the power the Institutions of America that presents certain checks and balances and the Civil Society in America, that has time and time stood up against wrong decision making and succeeded and will continue doing the same. All that this essay wants to put across is that the man is now elected and even though I myself have not been impressed by him or feel he should have won still believe he deserves a chance to lead after a hard fought campaign.

-Gaurav Puri

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Written By Gaurav Puri

Scindia School (2013) St. Xavier's College(2016) Working at: Juris Consult (Legal Research Intern) Marketing Head: Young Bhartiya

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