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Why do we work? The question seems so simple. But still we often asked this kind of question to ourselves. Why I am doing this? Why I am keep doing this boring job? What am I doing with my life?

Well if you want to answer that question the most obvious reason for our work is just for Money. No doubt about it, then why so many people are dissatisfied with their work, despite healthy compensation, why do so many people find immense fulfillment and satisfaction through “menial” jobs and why some people when watch National Geography or Fox Life they wish for different kind of job, why so many believe that the goal for working should be to earn money, and why this has made our society confused, unhappy, and has established a dangerously misguided system.

So why we work

The answer lies deep within our human history. Early civilization, ancient and modern Socioeconomics study, our culture and society all this are responsible for our working (serving) mindset. In order to find out the answer I read some historical articles and some economical text. And who could better explain the social economics than the Carl Marx. I am simply fascinated by his work. His theory of Alienation, clarify most of the confusion but still I am finding the root of the problem. According to Marx the problem started when the traditional formula Commodity-Money-Commodity (C-M-C) replaced by the today principle formula Money-Commodity-Profit (M-C-M1) that resulted into the various socio economic issues, which we are facing toady.

Although I am not a scholar on this topic but I will try to put this into simple words we I could understood. My thinking process starts when I first watched the “Game of Throns” you may have familiar with the characters of the series till now. Some of the characters I still find very confusing, remember Podrick Payne and Brienne Tarth. One of them is knight and the other is her squire. (For those who don’t know squire is a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself.)

I wonder why these two ricks their life to save the masters, why they leave the royal palace just receiving the orders from the masters, why they simply choose that kind of job instead living in the town, serving in the palace. What keeps them motivate about their job while living in the lone forest without enough food, clothing, money and shelter. These are the basic requirement of the mankind. I mean who could live like that, that too one women and a teenage boy. When I read about the knight and squire, I found out that they follow the code of conduct called Chivalry assigned by the political leaders which is closely related to the religion. Of course the knight receives the payment of his bravery in the form of land holdings unless u died in the fight. Sounds Horrible but that was also a form of job or you called it slavery.

How all this started, we know that earliest civilization living in the cave, independently hunting for them and living a happy life, but how this serving or slavery system started. For that we have to look out into the ancient history of the world. It was somewhere around 8000 BC that people find the concept of agriculture, and slowly started to domesticate animals for both the purpose of food as well as to assist in agriculture. People had already been creating art much before all that. But all this was a part of human culture, not a human civilization. And then the Mesopotamians rose, refining, adding and formalizing all these systems, combining them to form the first civilization.  And when man started to become civilized some leaders were born in the form of group of thinkers, teacher, master, warriors and ruler.

Wise emperor transformed the modest village to a great city laid and expands the tradition of ancestor worship. When the any king died, his son would get all the power, and sustain his political influence. This significantly led to a sudden rise in power of the political leaders. The emperor went on to become great builders and went on to build fortresses and monuments like Machu Picchu, Lighthouse of Alexandria and Great Pyramid of Giza. This civilization process segregates the various labor classes merchant, Priest, farmer, and soldier. They all are workers in various fields. But man is the social animal he now can’t live alone in jungle and he don’t care about the psychic value of a human consists in being able to conceive (think) instead he simply follow the code of conduct laid by the wise political and religious leader.

Earlier it was Commodity-Money-Commodity type of trade behavior in the society means money gets the least priority but the wise leaders they knew the fact that they can’t produce anything by their own so they started collecting the money and the formula changes to Money-Commodity-Profit and now one societal group (Capitalist class) owned and controlled the means of production, while another societal class worked the means of production;

Now the Capitalist class, who, besides appropriating the worker's manual labour, also appropriate the intellectual labour of the engineer and the industrial designer who create the product, in order to shape the taste of the consumer to buy the goods and services at a price that yields a maximal profit.

While the workers having no control over the design-and-production simply responsible for conversion of labour into into a commodity, which like products can be assigned an exchange value. Which gives capitalist control over the manual and intellectual worker gets the benefits of their labour in the form of “Work” or a “Job” for which the worker is paid lowest possible wages that that maintain a maximum rate of return on the Capitalist's investment capital. And again capitalist become powerful. And worker always is the worker.

In the capitalist mode of production, the generation of products (goods and services) is accomplished with an endless sequence of discrete, repetitive, motions that offer the worker little psychological satisfaction for "a job” this repeated psychological impact is responsible for the fear and the insecurity of the worker to rise against the capitalist. This social Alienation is the root of the most of the problem; most of the people think they can’t do their desired work which gave them the appropriate return. They afraid to things that they love most hence they keep doing the same repeated cyclic work. Hence they lose the chance of learning new skill, exploring new opportunity.

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Written By Vijay Pradhan

I am a Physical Chemist by Qualification. Learner,Observer,Thinker and off course Adventure junkie by Nature. Reader, Wanderer, Science and food Lover.

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