Developing and sharpening my research skills on issues spanning across different domains and knowing the most credible sources for information through guidance and feedback was the key takeaway from my internship stint at Young Bhartiya. In a nutshell, my internship experience equipped me with the necessary foundational research and investigative skills required to write a good piece on any work of fiction/non-fiction for the reader to appreciate both, the article and the language used to convey the central idea(s) of the story.

Aastha Singh, Young Bhartiya Intern

I learned how to research thoroughly, I got to hone my writing skills and I got to learn the art of editing.

Drashti Gala, Young Bhartiya Intern

Analysis, precision and I also honed my writing skills and clarity of expression.

Saloni Rao, Young Bhartiya Intern

During the internship, I acquired the skills of how to go about writing the article in the first place. I was made aware of the importance of writing the concept note before digging deep into the content of the article. Through the course of writing the article, my supervisor guided me through the writing process, giving me suggestions on how best to improve my article and make rectifications."

Shubhra Aswal, Young Bhartiya Intern